E10 Series

"One device for all education solution"

Evoview Interactive Display

Immersive Display Performance

  • Using Android OS 13.0, experience a stable and smooth operating system beyond your expectations.
  • With an impressive UI display and features that enhance user comfort, the system also boasts high security for protecting information.
  • It is highly compatible with the latest applications and equipped with software that we developed to support dynamic and effective presentation and collaboration activities.

4K Crystal Display

The 4K Crystal Display incorporates Crystal Display technology to enhance color quality and generate brighter, more vibrant images. It produces a diverse range of stunning colors, ultimately resulting in an enhanced visual experience.

Zero+ Bonding

The upgraded zero+bonding technology ensures an air gap of only 0-1 mm between the panel and the glass, providing superior image quality on the screen. 

Write Comfortably Without Accidental Hand Contact

Voice Tracking

The 8 Microphones can detect the participant’s voice with the voice tracking feature, allowing it to focus on the individual who is speaking.

Auto Framing

Auto framing allows the camera to adjust to the number of people in the room.

8 Array Mic

Seamlessly integrating 8
microphone arrays with Acoustic
Echo Cancellation (AEC)
technology and support, this device
offers an ideal sound pickup range
of up to 10 meters.


Quad-Core A76 + Quad-
Core A55 2.4GHz

android OS


Powered by advanced technology, including an Octacore processor with Quad-Core A76 + Quad- Core A55 2.4GHz, combined with 16GB RAM/256GB ROM, this device comes equipped with the latest Android 13 version, allowing for quick and easy operation and ample data storage.

Infrared Ultra Fine

With Infrared Ultra Fine (IUF) writing
technology, annotate with precision similar
to writing on paper.

Pressure-Sensitive Writing
Handwriting Thickness Changes With Force

Using High-Sensitivity pressure sensing technology and smooth flexible LCD screen, the thickness of the handwriting is affected by the writing pressure, the greater the pressure, and the thicker. With a fingertip or other object on the screen to achieve no delay writing, with the built-in stylus, the writing experience is better. 

Write Comfortably Without Accidental Hand Contact

Palm Rejection Technology

Without Palm Rejection Technology

The Evoview Interactive Display Panel has a palm rejection function that focuses only on the stylus pen tip while ignoring hand touches on the screen. This allows you to draw without any interruptions caused by accidental contact with the screen. The palm rejection feature enhances the accuracy of drawing, writing, and other creative activities while providing comfort.

Write "Infinity" on Al Whiteboard

The educational touchscreen features a built-in 4K Al Whiteboard with numerous possibilities. Enhancements like improved handwriting, shape recognition, split-screen mode, and smart tables bring added value to every presentation.

Content sharing with a QR Code

QR Codes can be created regardless of the type of content, you can scan the code to save any content ranging from png, jpg, pdf, even videos, and so on, from interactive flat panels to smartphones easily.

Ultra High Responsive Display, High Speed Network



*The smaller the number of
response times, the better the
performance will be.

WiFi 6;
Up to 1000M LAN

4K video can be played directly
or wirelessly very smoothly

Plug & Play

Single-cable interactive touch panel solution that provides two-way touch control, LAN sharing, 65W fast charging, 4K@60fps audio and video transmission with interactive display. Compatible with various mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, instantly launching your presentation in an effective way.

Wireless Presentation System

Can be connected to more than 32 devices and can split the screen into up to 9 parts at the same time.

Touch Back Control

Smart Device Control

Mobile Visualizer

NFC Access Control

Embedded NFC access control technology, easily unlock the touch screen by NFC card. Save time from the operations of screen lock setting and password entering. Only one-tap NFC login, the touch screen will be ready to use.